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Why doesn't SellHound fill in all of the items specifics (IS)?

eBay often changes the values of "recommended" Item Specifics types.  SellHound monitors these changes and always completes the required item specifics.

We fill out many of the recommended IS.  They are ranked by the number of searches and seem to vary depending upon the popularity of the term. This is not always the best way to determine whether that attribute might be significant to the sale of your particular item.

There are times when eBay offers very few relevant options and we have found putting the term None or NA doesn’t do anything on eBay to satisfy completion so we don’t want to waste time doing that

Occasion and Theme are IS that we can fill out but this information is a subjective unless it is obvious what a particular item is intended for. We really want to only fill out required and relevant recommendations that help the item sell. Character is sometimes left blank as there is no character for that particular item for example, Mickey Mouse or Darth Vader.