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What if SellHound made a mistake on my listing?

Before you hit “Post to eBay” in the SellHound app make sure you carefully review all the information SellHound has provided. Check your post thoroughly for errors or inaccuracies and make any pricing changes you’d like.

Please remember, the content we provide are suggestions based on your photos. When you click “Post to eBay” you are taking full responsibility for the content and settings of your listing. We are not responsible for your listing once it is live on eBay, but recommend that you view and revise your listing on eBay at any time.

If you see an error related to the category of an item, such as you have taken a photo of a dress, but we thought it was a top, please use the support@sellhound.com link on the Review & Post page before you post the item to eBay so that we can correct the full listing for you.