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What if I want to change my handling time, return policy, shipping speed, or carrier?

Before you submit your item to eBay, you can set your eBay preferences in the SellHound Posting App in the Account Screen.

You can change your Handling Time (number of days from when you are paid until when you ship), Return Policy, (whether or not you accept returns, how many days before your buyer can return and who pays for return shipping), your Flat Rate Shipping Speed, Best Offer (whether you are accepting offers), Sell Internationally with GSP, Free Shipping (if you pay for shipping), and whether or not you Require Immediate Payment with Buy It Now.

On the eBay Preferences screen, you can also add a custom message that will be added to all your listings. As a seller, once you post your item to eBay until your item sells you can go to eBay and use “Revise” to change everything permitted by eBay.

To make changes by revising on eBay, you must log in with your eBay ID and then you can change the listing preset parameters including the words and photos in your listing. If you are a reseller you can add sales tax. If you want to offer calculated shipping on eBay you will need to add your location zip code and the weight and dimensions of your item and change from flat rate shipping to calculated shipping.

We are working on an option for calculated shipping, but we do not have a date for that yet.  Stay tuned!