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Setting up an eBay Seller Account

On a desktop computer, log in to your eBay account or sign up for...

Setting up an eBay Seller Account

1.  On a desktop computer, log in to your eBay account or sign up for a new one. 

2.  To create an account, go to https://signup.ebay.com/pa/crte and choose Personal account or Business account.

3.  Welcome! Now you have a buyer’s account. Click “Continue.”

4.  If you logged out, please log back in.  Once you are logged in, at the top left of the eBay home page, find the drop-down menu, hover over your name, and select “Account Settings.” 


5.  Under "Payment Information" click "Payments."  Ignore the PayPal reference.  This is no longer an option for payouts.  

6.  You can also find this directly on your Account page.

7.  Add a credit card for checkout. This is the card that will be used to pay for purchases.


8.  On the next page, select "No, I manage my business as a sole proprietor or owner" unless you are setting up a business account. Now continue.


9.  Next, you will "Add your identity information." You will need to verify your phone number.  Click "Continue."


10.  Add a bank account for Managed Payments.  This is how you will get paid for your sales.  When you click your bank logo, you will see a pop-up to sign into your bank account. Follow the steps. Continue.


11.  Welcome page.  Click “Continue.”


12.  This is the payment screen where you can add and delete bank accounts.

13.  Scroll down and click “Seller Dashboard.”  Now click “Start Selling” and list your first item.  It is easy.  They walk you through.


14.  When you click “List it” at the bottom, a pop-up appears.  You will now set up your Managed Payments and pay schedule. 



15.  Fill in the information required. Then continue.


16.  Verify your phone number again.

17.  On the next page, you will verify your identity again.

 18.  Review. Click “Complete Sign-up.”

19.  You’re set up and ready to sell.  

20.  However, if by chance you skipped adding your bank account before you will be asked to add it now. If it is already added, click Publish and your first listing will go live.