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How much does SellHound cost?

We have a tiered lower price subscription plan.

Effective 11/18/21, we lowered our prices and offer several different levels/tiers of subscriptions.

As always the first 7 listings are free!

After you finish your free listings, you can purchase one of the tiered level packages below. 

Tiered subscriptions expire and renew monthly and unused credits do not carry over.

Tiered Subscription Levels:
Tier 1 (Starter): 50 listings/month for $74.99 ($1.50/listing)
Tier 2 (Basic): 100 listings/month for $144.99 ($1.45/listing)
Tier 3 (Advanced): 250 listings for $344.99 ($1.38/listing)
Tier 4 (Pro): 500 listings for $644.99 ($1.29/listing)
Once you are subscribed to the new Tier pricing, you can purchase extra "Refill" listing credits in packs of 10 for $15.99.
Coupon codes are not applicable to our tiered pricing.