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SellHound Posting App Previous Subscription Plan.

Our previous pricing is changing to a new tiered level plan. 

Our previous pricing, shown below, has changed to a tiered level plan. 

Any customer who registered their account prior to 11/18/21 and has an ongoing subscription is grandfathered into our original pricing and will be able to continue with this pricing below. 

Listing Packs: Listings can be purchased in multiples of 5, 50, or 100 at a time. 5 packs are $12.50, 50 packs are $118.75 and 100 packs are $225. 

Subscriptions: We have 3 subscription levels:

  1. List up to 30 items a month and save 10% (normally $75) You Pay $67.50 ($2.25 per listing)

  2. List up to 150 items a month and save 15% (normally $375) You Pay $318.75 ($2.12 per listing)

  3. List up to 400 items a month and save 20% (normally $1,000) You Pay $800 ($2.00 per listing)

Any credits purchased on the above plan expire 12 months after they were purchased.