How do I use the Desktop version?

The desktop app runs in your web browser and allows you to access photos that are saved to your computer to submit to SellHound. If you already have a SellHound App account, you can use the same account with the desktop version.

Here are the instructions for the SellHound desktop version.

The desktop app runs in your web browser and allows you to access photos that are saved to your computer to submit to SellHound. If you already have a SellHound App account, you can use the same account with the desktop version.

New features available in the desktop version:

  • You can see your photos “up close” by enlarging them so you can select your best shot.
  • You can review and revise your photos.
  • You can send Fashion items (Clothing, Shoes, Hats, Accessories and Handbags) and Non Fashion items (Home and Garden, Toys and Hobbies & Sporting Goods).
  • You can use a digital camera to take your photos instead of your cell phone camera
  • You can submit more than one item at a time and post in bulk.
  • There is an option for calculated shipping.
  • There is an option for international shipping.
  • There is a seller dashboard to keep track of your listings, sales, and sell-thru rate.

The app opens to the listing screen, which features your dashboard with your seller stats.

Before submitting items, we recommend that you set up your account, which allows you to set your own seller preferences by clicking the “My Account” section on the left navigation bar.

You can also choose calculated shipping on the desktop version.

Please use the Chrome browser to access the desktop app at

Here are some instructions to help you get started sending us your photos to create listings.

1. Click on the left navigation “Create New Listing”.

2. Click on the “plus sign” box in the center panel to access the photo files on your computer, find your photos, use the control key to select multiple photos all at the same time and then click OPEN.

3. Drag and drop each of your photos into the appropriate image type. eBay will accept a total of up to 12 photos. We require at least 3 views (Main, Back, Label) but recommend that you provide more views to improve sales. Select only one photo for the first box called “Main Photo”. This is the photo that will be seen by your buyer when they search for your product on eBay. We recommend that you choose a full front view of your item here. With your mouse or pad, drag the photo down into the box that says Main “Drop Photo”.

4. Drag and drop one or more photos into the other photo columns, Back Photo (Required), Label Photo (Required), Detail Photos, and Blemish Photos. If you do not have a label on your product, include a photo that might show the brand name or logo or a similar identification photo, or another view of the item that will allow the buyer to see something more about your item. You can rearrange the photos if needed.

5. Alternately, you can drag and drop the photos from your computer photo files to the main center panel or directly to the image subcategories below.

6. Once your photos are loaded into the Drop Boxes, add your info about your first item into the “Form” on the left. If you chose calculated shipping on your preferences, please make sure to fill all boxes for the weight and dimensions.

7. Click to let us know if you are providing a Fashion or Non-Fashion item. Fashion and Non-Fashion products have different required condition options.

8. Add information about your item that might not be visible or is hard to see in the photos and confirm the condition.

9. Next you can either Preview & Submit your item to SellHound or begin your next item and repeat the process of finding photos, dragging and dropping photos, and adding information on the left form.

10. When you are ready to see what you are submitting to SellHound, the “Preview and Submit '' screen will show you the listing/s in the center panel. During the preview, you can edit or delete photos and when ready, submit the item/s to SellHound. It usually takes about one business day to get your completed listings back.

11. When your listings are completed by SellHound, you will see a notification and receive an email that your item is ready to Review and Post.

12. During this review stage, you can make changes to the title, description, pricing recommendations, or shipping suggestion. You can also edit and rearrange your photos.
Our photo editor allows you to adjust brightness, contrast, exposure, saturation, add effects, filters, crop, resize or change the orientation.

13. When you are happy with your listing (or listings) you can post them to eBay in bulk or one at a time.

14. Run out of listings credits? Click on “Buy More” to keep those listings coming.

Now sit back and wait for those sales to keep rolling in cha-ching!!