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Delay for listings-July 2022-Letter of explanation

Our CEO sent an email to all of our customers on July 5, 2022, about upcoming delays.  If you didn't receive the email, please read the message below.

Update:  We have hired more listers and we are training them as quickly as possible.  The backlog was more than we estimated but it is being worked through.  However, it is now likely going to take up to 7-23 days to get through everything someone submits.  

It is hard to nail down a timeline, so this is only an estimate and not guaranteed.  It could be less or more.  We hope to be caught up sometime towards mid-September and back to our typical 24-hour turnaround.  This date is also estimated and it could be sooner or later.


Thank you for being a terrific SellHound customer! We very much appreciate your business and the opportunity to create quality listings for you.

If you have submitted listings in the last few days, you may have noticed that our turnaround time has become slower than usual– and slower than we'd both like. For this, we apologize and ask for your continued patience during July.

We are experiencing unprecedented growth, and improvements are underway.

As you know, while our AI processes your items instantly, each of your listings is hand-checked by a selling expert. The queue for this quality-assurance step has become larger than anticipated, and for the next few weeks your fashion listings may take two or more business days to complete and any non-fashion listings may take even longer. 

We are hiring and training additional experts to perform this quality step, and appreciate your understanding as we increase our capacity.

To ensure your non-fashion items are processed as quickly as possible, please remember to include the make, model, and size (height) of your item whenever this information is not visible in a photo. For the coming weeks, we will be unable to accept electronics, cameras, and other products that are not in the eBay categories of Fashion, Home and Garden, Toys and Hobbies, and Sporting Goods. We anticipate being able to accept items in additional categories again in September.

We greatly appreciate your patience as we work to support the growth you're enabling while maintaining the quality you deserve.


Keith Lauver
CEO of SellHound