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Can I upload more than one photo at a time?

Yes!  Simply click on the big center button with the Camera icon to get to the "Sell Your Item" screen where you will see a choice to "Take Photos" or "Upload Photos".

If you click "Upload Photos", you will be taken to the upload screen that allows you to upload up to 12 photos altogether. You can only upload one "Front View" and that will serve as your main gallery photo on eBay. This is the photo that is seen in the eBay search results.

For the other types of photos, you can click on your photo roll and select several photos for each of the views - Back View, Labels, Details, and Blemishes. The Details and Blemish photos are optional.

We require one Front View and Back View, and at least one Label photo.

The more labels you show us the better. We need all the information you can provide to complete the eBay required aspects or item specifics. We especially need the brand, size, and material on most products.

Sending up to 12 high-quality photos is recommended to help increase your sales and reduce returns. Customers like to see as many views as possible.

Here is a video on how to use the Quick Upload feature here